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About Aimsoft Ltd

Aimsoft Limited is a software solutions provider with a specialization in enterprise resource planning modules for insurance. Our chief product, AIMS Enterprise © software suite, is an end-to-end software solution and has been in use for over 26 years in the insurance market. The acronym AIMS stands for Advances Information Management System.

Aimsoft Limited has grown to be one of the most effective solution providers for groundbreaking solutions, services and support of its kind in Kenya and the rest of Africa. Our systems have been tried, tested and successfully implemented in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Malawi and Seychelles.

With vast experience in customer care and support, our goal is to be the leading solutions provider in the market. Aimsoft Limited has the resources, expertise and the technology to create efficient solutions, providing cutting-edge systems suitable for the African market.

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